Google AdSense: Unable to Verify Your Identity - Causes and Solutions


Your Already Verified AdSense Account Just Popped "Unable to Verify your Identity" Message? This is What Happened

Have you any existing and verified AdSense Account that suddenly display "Unable to Verify Your Identity"

Since nearly a year ago now, Google AdSense Program has being getting tough and tougher day by day. From sites approval into the program to identity verifications, Google has being employing stricter means to ensure the AdSense program is safe for both publishers and advertisers and more importantly; to ensuring that advertisers get the result for exactly what they are billed and that publishers get exactly what they work for.

With that noted, this year alone, 4 to 5 months ago precisely; we have observed several changes in the way Google checks, monitors, analyzes and impose sanctions where and when necessary on accounts that violate the AdSense program policies and terms and conditions.

Speaking of the sanctions, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, 5 of our clients reported that they received a message with the subject "Google AdSense: Unable to Verify Your Identity" from Google of which the affected AdSense accounts were already verified AdSense account.

This arose concerns and we decided to observe and research what the cause might be and surprisingly, we found out exactly what the causes are and your possible solutions.

Google AdSense: Unable to Verify Your Identity - Possible Causes

  1. Duplicate ID Data File in Record: this is an information we just confirmed yesterday. In case you are not aware of this fact yet, Google now has dedicated experts that perform manual verification on AdSense accounts. Thus, the sites, the ID document used for verification, the content of the sites among other data are mapped, saved and kept in record to the ID of a particular AdSense account, usually the first AdSense account those data are used with. Bottom line: if an ID that was used to verify a particular AdSense account is used to verify another, both AdSense accounts are penalized accordingly. The same applies to other data saved for the same AdSense account ID that's already in Google's record.

  2. Now, if Mr A uses an ID Card that bears exactly Mr A's name and passport photograph to verify an AdSense account, that ID card is now saved as exactly for Mr A. Now, if Mr B or anyone uses Mr A's ID card to verify another AdSense account using the same or different names, both AdSense accounts are penalized.

    More interestingly still, supposing Mr A originally used his National ID card to verify an AdSense account then, Mr B or anyone found Mr A's Drivers License and used it to verify another AdSense account. Both accounts would still be penalized. Wonder why? Google understands that people can bear the same name but it is impossible to have the same name and the same facial look.

    Since Mr A's ID card would retain his name and picture regardless of the ID card he holds, it is now pointless and lead to a dead-end to use any of such person's ID card to verify or link it to or with your AdSense account.

  3. IP Addresses: it is no longer news that Google AdSense program policies is against an individual having or operating several AdSense accounts. Obviously, it is possible that your account is in conflict with another active Google AdSense account on the same IP address.

Speaking of IP addresses, Google Chrome (sign feature), Gmail, Google Business and a host of other Google services and apps that allows multiple login can directly expose and cause IP address conflicts which may result in Google detecting and penalizing all the affected accounts.

Google AdSense: Unable to Verify Your Identity - Possible Solutions

Till the moment this article is being published, we have not being able to resolve any of the reported AdSense accounts and we cannot say categorically if we will be able to resolve it yet.

We shall update this page if anything comes up or if we notice any possible errors or mistake that may cause such or any similar issues to your AdSense account.

Meanwhile, for now, the best way to stay safe and clear of any occurrence of the "Google AdSense: Unable to Verify Your Identity" is to avoid the causes as we have pointed out.

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